Monday, February 19, 2007

Wii Weight Loss Official Numbers

So here are the official weight loss numbers in regards to playing the Ninetendo Wii. But before I give them to you let me put it all into context.

According to research contained in the GameVision's Consumer Intelligence Report the average gamer spends around 12.5 hours a week playing video games. I'm not sure of how those values compare to the US gamer but I would assume that it would more or less the same (if not more).

When playing a traditional video game for 15 minutes with a traditional controller, energy expenditure increased above resting values by an average 60% (which is much more then what I would have thought).

In comparison when playing a game on the Wii, for the same amount of time, the participants' energy expenditure increased 156% above resting.

When calculated into the 12.5 hours a week a gamer can burn around 1830 calories a week while playing the Wii, which is 40% more then on a regular console.

The heart rate values were also significantly different, with the regular console values being 85 bpm compared to the Wii being around 130 bpm.

In other words the Wii is a great light work out and cardio machine which can make you loose 27lbs per year.

The study was conducted by the Liverpool John Moores University.

Thanks BBC!


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