Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Wii Accident & Damage Control Case Files

The Nintendo Wii has captured the hearts, heads, television screens, computer monitors, wallets, neighbors pets, small children's arms, etc.. since its release date in fourth quarter of 06.

What I mean is that not only is the Nintendo Wii a certified hit & hard to get, it causes damage ,trouble, commotion, accidents, Death etc.. (Take all that lightly. There are actually some serious issues involving the Wii though.)

We have all heard about accidents and tales of unfortunate happenings when the Wii strap snaps, causing the controller to fly into your fresh 5 Grand LCD TV Monitor, people tripping over couches, cords, pets etc.., friends accidentally popping each other in the head because of lack of space.
(The EyeToy didn't make this much noise!)

This here is the start of the "Wii Accident & Damage Control Case Files".

A quick youtube search brought up some interesting footage. From kids tripping over couches to comical sketched out accidents. To me they are very humorous, and I think you will enjoy what I found. Hooray for Youtube Five Star Ratings!

Here we have Wii Tennis gone wrong.....Very Wrong! (Fictional)

That guy is a true team player, he wanted to squeeze in another round before he went to the hospital!!

Straps are for sissys!

At least until it breaks your TV.

"Playing four-way bowling, we got room to swing the WiiMote around and play, but for ease, the strap has not been attached. We all been playing fine and great. However, this time, I manage to clip my brothers knee or something close to it, perhaps the couch, I dunno. I hit something and that's just made me lose the WiiMote and the result as above. Devastated ain't even putting it lightly. This goes beyond it. To top it off, I bowled a strike. -Danny"

Bowling seems to do the most damage...

Its possibly forged but its very funny.

It appears the Wii remote has more structural integrity than a color tv. After the remote impaled the television casing, they took it out, replaced the batteries and resumed playing.

When it comes to Wii related accidents there are plenty, from LCDs & Plasma screens getting beamed bashed & broken to whacking your friend in the back of the head.

The most common incident is TV screens getting broken. Some of the story's seem a little exaggerated and far-fetched, but its kind of a serious situation. There are still no word on if Nintendo will re-evaluate the wrist strap, though it is very evident that there is a need to.

I have a Wiimote and I'm not Afraid to use it!

That's what I imagine the crook in Nagoya Japan said when he devised his brilliant plan. What did he do? Well, the man was caught stealing an extra Wiimote. What he did afterwards was absolutely genius. Instead of surrendering we used the Wiimote as a weapon.

The two cops on the location were able to detain him but not without some broken bones and chest injuries.

Thanks to Wii Have a Problem and Youtube


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