Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Whats wrong with YouTube and Digg?

The following video has 174,400 views. Why? I have no idea. Its some Japanese girl with a lot of time on her hands who decided to make a collection of 10 videos of her beating Super Mario 3.

The worst part is that she isn't even good. She dies a total of 8 times.

Now I would like to know what went through this girls mind that propelled her to post these 10 videos online. I mean, does she think people would care, or is she so isolated that she honestly believes that she has accomplished some marvelous feat?

But the sad thing is that people actually watched it. Making her believe that we care and thus continuing her posting frenzy of videos where she plays video games.

This leads me to an even bigger mystery, Why was it was watched 174,400 times?!! The other 10 videos also have a tremendous amount of views (considering what the subject matter is) so whoever watched the first one decided to keep on watching. WHY??

It almost makes me lose faith in humanity, because if this is what we value for entertainment there is something very wrong with us.

Then again, you could all argue that I watched it myself. Yes, that is true, and the first video I watched was based on my curiosity of why it had so many views. Then I realised that it was utterly stupid and didn't waste one more minute of my time (which isn't all that precious) watching the other ones.

But hundreds of thousands of other people did, and from what I understand, there is no science behind it.

What I intend to do is to prove it, and this might be somewhat discouraging to some of you, because even though I love Digg I have never understood why some of those stories are made popular.

So, I want to ask you all for a favour, from now whenever you see a digg story which has thousands of views and you don't understand why, submit it to me. Whenever you find a youtube video with over 100 000 views and doesn't deserve it, send me the link.

I will post it and hopefully come to the bottom of why are society is so decedent and spiraling towards disaster.


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