Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Part 1: What Goes into making a High Profile Sports Game?

On October 5th of 2006 the British Academy of Film and Television Arts announced that it was going to set up a British Academy Video Games Awards. Thus BAFTA made Video Games its third arm and officially acknowledged it as an art form.

Nonetheless very little is known to the general public on how the decision process of certain elements work in high profile video games. In the following weeks I will take a look at what went into making Sony's new baseball game MLB 07 The Show which is coming out for the PSP the PlayStation 2 and 3.

Just to give you a brief intro MLB 07 The Show is part of a hugely popular baseball franchise. Its newest edition is coming out on the 26th of February for the PSP and PS2. This year Sony has tapped the New York Mets' David Wright to be its cover man.

In this edition we will look at how a cover athlete is chosen. There are a variety of questions which come into play for the choice of a cover athlete, and when we asked Sony this is what they told us:

"1. performance and ability; both can be weighed in terms of stats, awards and achievements
2. popularity; indicative of the amount of time on ESPN, in the mags, the news and more importantly relative to personal appearances and jersey sales (Wright is #2 for both appearances and jersey sales)
3. market; where they play, who they play for and the ability the team has to make it to the post season and hopefully create buzz around the player
4. community outreach; always nice to have a guy who does the charity thing and embraces his fans - think the opposite of Bonds.
5. projected stature; not always accurate but try to catch a guy on the upswing who is on the verge of becoming a household name - sometimes you win, sometimes you don't."
So there you have it, maybe this will shed more light regarding the choice of cover athlete's for a high profile video game. Check out this Youtube exclusive video which we got given to us by PlayStation regarding David Wright.

I've been lucky enough to have received an advanced copy of MLB 07 The Show and will soon be writing a review on my experience playing the game. Also, don't hesitate to ask if their are any questions that pique your interest. I'll do my best to get them answered.

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