Thursday, February 22, 2007

Nokia's New Pantents - Loopholes in Apples

Maybe Apple unveiled the iphone a little to soon... That's a just a thought, and I say that because the iPhone was something like the first of its kind and it's already getting its features ported and bootlegged. (Take away the fact that there was an "iPhone" already released, and a phone that favors the Apple iPhone).

The patents haven't really kept the competition at bay. We've seen lots of phones that look like iPhone clones and phones with similar features. Nokia has released a patent for two new phones.

One shares the orientation sensor making the display screen flip the output upside down, left, right, or right side up. This doesnt cut in on Apple's iPhone patent because the orientation sensor is patented for a touchscreen phone.

The other one is original, it is made so you can put the stylus into the trackball. Obviously for phone games (I've never heard of any phone game getting played more than the "Snake" series which was featured on Nokia phones) but with Blue tooth added to the phone we could possibly be breaking TVs, Windows, and best friends pets with a cell phone instead of the Nintendo Wii Remote.

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