Wednesday, February 21, 2007

The Lord of the Sings and Dance

I'd like to start this article off with a little personal anecdote...

There was one day a few weeks ago when Christian and I were slaving away in our office, and in an attempt to alleviate some of the silence in the room I began to whistle. Now WHAT exactly I began to whistle is unknown, I claimed it was just some tune I was making up, but Christian is convinced that I was whistling the theme song to The Lord of The Rings. He immediately began to chastise me for being such an utter geek. If only he knew how much money I could have made if I exploited the music just a bit sooner.

I now present to you THE LORD OF THE RINGS - THE MUSICAL!!!

This summer's 12.5 million pound production (about 24.43 million dollars) will be the most expensive musical ever to be staged in Britian. THE LORD OF THE RINGS will open in the West End at the Theatre Royal, Drury Lane on Tuesday June 19th, following previews from May 9th.

The cast is comprised of 70 actors. The leads, and there are MANY, all have incredibly impressive resumes in British theater. To read the full cast list click here.

To watch Golem sing through his indecision over killing Frodo click below.

Matthew Warchus, the production's director, says, "We have not attempted to pull the novel towards the standard conventions of Musical Theatre, but rather to expand those conventions so that they will accommodate Tolkien's material. As a result, we will be presenting a hybrid of Text, Physical Theatre, Music and Spectacle never previously seen on this scale. To read the novel is to experience the events of Middle-earth in the mind's eye; only in the theatre are we actually plunged into the events as they happen. The environment surrounds us. We participate. We are in Middle-earth."

The Lord of The Rings - The Musical premiered in Toronto. That production was clocked in running well over three hours, but 40 minutes have been cut from the version about to open in London.

I'm writing this article because Christian and many of my other co-workers had not heard that there was going to a musical version. This leads me to believe many of you probably have not heard either... and I believe to keep this secret does not keep it safe.

Thanks to Reuters for brining this amazing topic to my attention.
Writer Hobbit

P.S. As a little side note Jonas is as big of a nerd as I imagined "Writer Hobbit" need I say more.

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dali said...

Just to be clear - Christian chastised you for being an "utter nerd" for whistling the Lord of the Rings song, but he RECOGNIZED the Lord of the Rings theme song in a whistle?!?! Not that I am defending anyone, rather pointing out that both parties seem to be complete "utter nerds". :)