Tuesday, February 20, 2007

How 35 Filmmakers Make One Film

This year marks the 60th anniversary of The Cannes International Film Festival. And just how do you celebrate surviving six decades when you are one of the largest, most famous and well renowned film festivals in existence? Well, obviously, you make a film... but not just any little old film. What you do is you assemble 35 of the greatest filmmakers alive today and envelop them in a project so secretive that no one knows who else is working on the project.

The film, titled To Each His Own Cinema, is to be made of 33 shorts, each helmed by a different director.

Giles Jacob, the Cannes Film Festival prexy, explained that all the filmmakers had to go on was a brief that instructed them to "reveal, in 3 minutes each, their current state of mind as inspired by the motion-picture theater." The participants were meant to stay a secret for much longer, but fear of leaks due to a growing curiosity in the media prompted the festival to release the names today.

Here are the participants in alphabetical order:

Theo Angelopoulos; Olivier Assayas; Bille August; Jane Campion; Youssef Chahine; Chen Kaige; Michael Cimino; Ethan & Joel Coen; David Cronenberg; Jean-Pierre & Luc Dardenne; Manoel De Oliveira; Raymond Depardon; Atom Egoyan; Amos Gitai; Hou Hsiao-hsien; Alejandro Gonzalez Inarritu; Aki Kaurismaki; Abbas Kiarostami; Takeshi Kitano; Andrei Konchalovsky; Claude Lelouch; Ken Loach; Nanni Moretti; Roman Polanski; Raoul Ruiz; Walter Salles; Elia Suleiman; Tsai Ming-liang; Gus Van Sant; Lars Von Trier; Wim Wenders; Wong Kar Wai and Zhang Yimou.

I find this to be an incredibly exciting and intriguing experiment, and look forward to watching To Each His Own Cinema after it premieres at Cannes on March 20th.

Thank you to Variety for information used in this article.

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