Wednesday, February 07, 2007

Home of the Free...Ozzy

"Crazy--but that's how it goes..." sings the lengendary Ozzy in "Crazy Train."

Anyone who's seen MTV's hit show knows that The Osbournes are, indeed, crazy. But now we are all invited to come along with them.

As annouced today by Sharon and Ozzy, OZZfest will be free. Yes, free. OZZfest, the travelling summer festival which is perhaps as famous for its nu-metal bands as it is for its white trash audience, has decided to do away with ticket sales.

As of today, the only confirmed performer is Ozzy himself, most likely because the bands (I'm speculating) will not be paid. I wonder what The Osbourne accountants are saying. One can only imagine it's something to the tune of "Crazy Train."


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