Monday, February 12, 2007

Have we all been fooled?: The Hypocrisy Surrounding Apple

I have recently been writing a series of articles concerning the post which Apple's Steve Jobs wrote regarding the call to abolish DRM.

In an effort to present all sides I found this article by Bill Thompson called Why I don't believe Steve Jobs.

There he makes the following points which are definitely worth considering to all Apple Fanboys (like I just did);

Following the Windows Vista release party Apple asked its users not to download Windows Vista since iTunes didn't work properly on it. The whole world criticized Microsoft. Why? Everybody knew the Vista was coming out, and it had already been out their in some form or another. Why didn't the Apple Windows programers prepare for the release?

As Thompson says that sort of spinning is "not bad for a company whose profitability depends on a music player that is having to compete in a fast maturing market, whose board is under a cloud after problems over share options, and whose charismatic CEO could be ousted if evidence emerges that he was aware of those issues."

Concerning DRM why does iTunes put DRM on tracks which in other places are DRM free? Clearly their record companies don't require DRM but Apple does so anyway.

Another thing is if Apple switched off its DRM they would sell a lot more songs and a lot less iPods. Unfortunately they make a lot more money with iPods then with Songs. So would they really do it, or is Steve Jobs so aware of the consumer that he knows which 'battles' to put on public display.

And concerning credibility dont forget that iTunes and Apple have been under tremendous international pressure to open up iTunes or face legal action. Apple isn't the only one

All of this is called the 'reality distortion field' and Jobs is an expert at it. That is very easy to see when you compare apples market share and the amount of press which they receive.

As Bill Thompson says:

Jobs has to position Apple for this brave new world, and he knows that his charisma is such that if he rushes to the head of queue and claims to be leading the charge then some, at least, will believe him.

Sadly he's likely to be crushed under foot by those who really understand the music business and didn't sell their souls to the record companies back in the days when they believed in DRM.
Just something to think about. Tell me your thoughts.

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Anonymous said...

Umm... i'm pretty sure that the only way record companies would allow there music to be sold on line is with protection (DRM) not the other way around. Apple didn't require it, the record labels did.