Monday, February 19, 2007

From Russia with Love: Gadgets and Luxury

Russia and extravaganza are two words which seem to go hand in hand. Whether it be a Russian Billionaire hiring George Michael to perform at his birthday party or the fact that beluga-Caviar has its origins from mother Russia, if its extreme luxury we are talking about you know they know their game.

So a Russian company, called Gresso, which literally appeared out of nowhere last fall has picked up on that taste for the extravagant and translated it into gadgets. The results are thus far two very good looking and equally as expensive pieces of jewelry (sorry I mean technology).

This phone is made of African blackwood and according to Gresso no two phones are ever the same. Very little is know about it technically but their is already a youtube video hovering around.

Today the company announced an MP3 player made with the same African blackwood as the phone. The model line is called the "Symphonia" and is scheduled to be released this spring.

The most fascinating thing about it though is its shape, it is square shaped and measures only about 1.5 by 1.5 inches and less than half an inch thick.As if that wasn't enough According to Gresso they have patented a coating which is as "hard as diamond".

Just a few extra notes, the blackwood is over 200 years old and the player is accented with 18k white or pink gold. The 1GB model will cost between a modest $4000 to $6500... what a bargain!


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