Monday, February 05, 2007

Disney's New Massive Multi-Player On-line World... of PIRATES!!


Beware ye desktop computer lubbers! Disney is taking their success with The Pirate's of Caribbean franchise a step further, they are about to launch a MMORPG. Yes, in the new Pirates of the Carribbean on-line game you create and outfit your own salty pirate and battle for notoriety as the most devilish scurv of the seas.

The game's world is one where freedom on the ocean is quickly evaporating as the armadas of western Europe battle to tame the New World. All of the familiar characters from the movies, Jack, Will and others, will all be part of the game, but they will mostly exist in cut-screens that keep your character as the center of the action. Like most MMO games, there are a variety of options and ends your can choose for your character: you can help Jack Sparrow recover his Black Pearl, you can start an infamous Pirate guild, you can battle the Navy for no sake other than spilling their blood on the decks, or you can join other pirate's crews and cause mutiny from within.

It sounds like it could be a really fun game...

But YE BE WARNED, there is a new bad guy on the ocean...

... and he goes by the name of Jolly Rodger!

Look for the game to be flying under the skull-n-crossbones in conjunction with the May 25th release of "Pirates of the Carribbean: At World's End."

Thank you to Reuters and for additional information, ye salty dawgs!!


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Tyler said...

Dude. I <3 Pirates!