Monday, February 26, 2007

Apples Next Move: Ring Tones

Actioncorp TV has released a very interesting video which investigates additional features which the iPhone might have on its launch, which were not demonstrated by Jobs on his keynote speach. The video makes a compelling case detailing 4 additional features; iCal, Google Maps and Traffic, Scrolling and most significanlty ringtones.

Utilising a screenshot which was taken by engadget, the people at ACTV rightfully pointed out that there is an additional tab when linking iTunes with the iPhone. That additional Tab is called Ring tones.

Ring tones already account for 10% of all music sales and it is a 1 billion dollar industry at the moment with enormous growth potential. Apple is likely to strike a deal with the music labels already on its roster in order to sell ring tones through its iTunes music store.

In any case check out the video as it is very well made.


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