Thursday, January 25, 2007

Yoogle, Gotube whatever

After Google bought Youtube in the late fall of 2006 a lot of us including myself started wondering what exactly that would mean to the biggest site of online video. Well today after almost 5 months google has announced its plans to turn google video into a mere video search engine.

Youtube will therefore continue hosting the videos. So something very important to note is that when you search for a video on google video you wont only get youtube videos but videos from a variety of hosts as well.

Another important step is that google will keep on improving the tools and programing which youtube has to offer, making it a prime competitor to iTunes.

I am personally very curious to hear what you guys think about this and if googles strategy is smart. If you ask me its pretty hard to go wrong. However they might be ignoring a factor called human laziness. Meaning if I upload a video on youtube I will probably do my search on youtube not on google.

Thanks, Ars technica!


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