Tuesday, January 30, 2007

XBOX Live Arcade releasing classics in February

Microsoft has announced that it is releasing the next 10 titles on its X-Box Live Arcade Games begining in February. The titles will stream in slowly in their traditional weekly release date, Wednesday.

However according to the press release the games will not nescesarilly be uploaded every week. Following is a list of the titles being released in no specific order.

3D Ultra Minigolf Adventures (Wanako Games / Sierra Online)
"Allows gamers to putt their way through 36 fun-filled holes of manic minigolf action on wild courses that range from the Old West to outer space and feature a bevy of crazy hazards and obstacles"

Alien Hominid HD (The Behemoth)
"Features side-scrolling, hysterical cartoon action with a quirky twist and exclusive Xbox Live Arcade features."

Band of Bugs (NinjaBee)
"A fast-paced tactical strategy game that offers gameplay deep enough to satisfy tactical genre fans and friendly enough to appeal to casual gamers. Creative gamers can even design their own levels with the built-in level editor, then play them solo or over Xbox Live with friends."

Castlevania: Symphony of the Night (Konami)
"A faithful version of this legendary classic updated for Xbox Live Arcade and featuring the game's full soundtrack and memorable side-scrolling vampire-hunting action."

Catan (Big Huge Games Inc. / Microsoft Game Studios)
"A faithful remake of the immensely popular strategy board game."

Eets: Chowdown (Klei Entertainment Inc.)
"A completely revamped version of the popular PC title of the same name. It offers new items, 120 new levels and the exclusive debut of Marsho Madness, a high-adrenaline action game in which players must keep the impending evil marshmallows at bay."

LUXOR 2 (MumboJumbo LLC)
"Sets a new standard for action puzzlers as players match and shoot their way through the land of ancient Egypt."

Paperboy (Digital Eclipse / Midway)
"A classic coin-op hit, specially enhanced for Xbox Live Arcade."

Root Beer Tapper (Digital Eclipse / Midway)
"Features fast-paced reflex action as players scramble to keep thirsty patrons happy without dropping root beer mugs in the scramble to earn the biggest tips."

Worms (Team 17 Software Ltd)
"Features armies of adorable weapon-toting worms locked in tactical combat."

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