Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Veoh Welcomes Partnership With Us Weekly

Veoh network(You-Tube's biggest competition) has joined forces with Us Weekly for a new online celebrity channel to cover what Us Weekly is best known for, celebrities and gossip!

The deal was brokered between Michael Eisner (yes, the Disney guy) and Wenner Media and will be launching next month online. On the channel, you can expect to find short and longform videos as well as exclusive footage from the newest red carpet premieres and celeb bashes. The channel will also cater to Us Weekly events and showcase stories from the magazine writers.

One feature thats particularly cool is that viewers will have the chance to upload their own celebrity footage online as well. So if you managed to capture sneak footage of K-Fed himself strolling out of a strip joint one nite, you'll be able to play paparazzi and get it online to the masses.

"Video is playing an incredibly important role on the Web, and when you look at a magazine like Us that is so picture-driven, this just completes the circle of coverage," said Janice Min, Us Weekly's editor in chief.

Just because this channel is just going to be shown online, don't down play it. It's geared to be pretty high tech. "This partnership will allow Us Weekly to create a true channel distribution -- not just video 'snacks' -- but because of our technical capabilities, high-resolution, television-grade programming," Veoh Networks Inc. CEO Dmitry Shapiro said.



melrose said...

how hot is britney now?!

The Groupster said...

Hey Melrose!
I think Britney works that look like no other, she is the Queen of LA!