Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Probably one of the most bizarre gadgets which I have ever seen.

Not only is this the most bizarre sweepstake which I have ever seen but also one of the most bizarre gadgets (and I have seen my fair share). The sweepstake is brought to you by RotoRooters and it is called "Pimped Out John". I almost feel like I don't need to say more.

But I do. According to the official press release the average person spends 11, 862 hours in the bathroom, so logically we should be entertained. Therefore the "Pimped out John" is equipped with every feature one could ever want;

Xbox™ 360 gaming system

Philips™ DVD player

Gateway® EMachine™ laptop computer with fully articulated robot arm

iPod™ with stereo docking station equipped with toilet paper dispenser

Roto-Rooter "emergency" button

Tivo™ recorder

Avanti™ refrigerator with beer tap, stocked with drinks and snacks

Magazine rack and subscriptions to Sports Illustrated, ESPN and GQ

Bike pedal exerciser (Definitely my favourite)

Cup warmer / cooler

Please read the official press release if you want a good laugh, and a brief history of toilets. So Bizarre.


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