Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Open Source beats Vista already?

At times I feel sorry for Microsoft, because it seems like every time they try to come up something new, somebody beats them to it. The following news might be bad news for Microsoft but good news for the consumer. (If you are well familiar with OS's and open source skip the next 2 paragraphs.)

Before I continue a little explanation. For those of you who don't know their are basically three choices which you have regarding an operating system, Windows, Mac OS, or Linux. Linux is often viewed as the communist of the bunch (not in its negative Stalinist connotation).

Why is Linux viewed as communist? First of all its very cost efficient (i.e. free) and secondly it is something called open source. What is open source? Open source can be applied to either software or source code, and basically it has few if any intellectual property restrictions. Thus allowing the user to cooperate on add ons and other features for the software.

So for those who skipped the last two paragraphs welcome back. So please take a look at this video showing a computer with a Geforce card and a fairly fast processor running Linux' Ubuntu and Beryl 0.1.3 Windows Manager. Looks just as good if not better right? Guess what, its free.


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