Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Not YET Departed?

Martin Scorsese
's "The Departed" has garnished a domestic box office take of 125.5 million dollars. This has prompted Scorsese and Warner Bros. to begin brainstorming on how to make this a franchise, and elevate it to the height of prestiege owned by The Godfather Trilogy in America cinema.

Writer William Monahan apparently is working on a new tale that brings back Mark Wahlberg's foul-mouthed cop character and might possibly introduce a new character played by Robert De Niro.

"The Departed" is an adaptation of the Hong Kong crime film "Infernal Affairs." "Infernal Affairs" also had two sequels. It is still unknown if "The Departed's" sequels will be based on these films or will be originals by William Monahan.

Thanks Hollywood Reporter!


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