Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Most Painful Bee Sting Ever

As the world keeps turning and the future moves ever so closer every day, technology will keep getting smaller. You see it with cell phones (with the exception of smart phones), mp3 players, computers, etc. plus I'm sure you have seen, thought of, or heard of the concept of Micro remote control devices.

In Israel the Army is working on creating MAVs (micro air vehicles). They will be remote control air born devices the size (and possibly the shape?) of a hornet and will be used to destroy power sources in terrorist command centers by exploding itself.

The Drawback to this is that since it goes into the mouth of the wolf, it can end up in the wrong hands, allowing the possibility of the enemy reverse-engineering and using it to their benefit.

The "robo-bee" as I call it is said to be completed within the next three years. I'm assuming there are some "bugs" to work out of it! (gosh I'm corny haha)

So this is a video of what Israel started with. Its a robotic Dragonfly that really flies. The MAVs will most likely be smaller.

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Love Hertz said...

I don't know if you have ever seen "The Swarm", the documentary about African killer bees and how they almost destroyed most of the US in the 1970's. We should all be careful because it sounds like it might happen all over again! You've been warned...