Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Laptop batteries that won't blow up?

Boston-Power has developed a new battery for laptops. Why should we care? I'm not quite sure but according to them the batteries are better then most other laptop batteries due to three reasons.

1) It takes half the time to recharge this battery then conventional laptop batteries
2) It has the same amount of power as conventional laptop batteries
3) It won't blow up.

The battery is called the Sonata and HP has been working with Boston-Power for a while now. The result is a battery which can be powered up in a mere 30 minutes opposed to the traditional hour or two of other batteries.

The good news is that you can fit it into almost any laptop. Let's face it the fact that it does not explode is an obvious plus. I have been having nightmares since the exploding laptop stories surfaced.



Anonymous said...

Christian, I've been reading your blog for a while and have referred many friends to it. You're so sharp at picking up the most interesting stories and your in-depth analysis of why we should care. I wish I had a nose for news like you!

-James J

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