Monday, January 22, 2007

iRec: Making a DVR out of your iPod

A Korean company called iCube recently released a new product called the iRec. The iRec basically allows you to record straight from your television on to you're iPod. Actually its not merely from your T.V. but also from your DVD player, HDD, VTR or any other AV device.

What other features does it provide?

Real Time Recording
Recording videos with High Def and good quality sound.
Supports Wide Screen Format.
Supports Composite and SVideo inputs.


Set remaining time for recording in advance
Extend recording time in middle of the recording

Intuitive LED
Check recording status and recording time all at once
Recorded file management
Auto-register new recorded files to the playlist of iTunes
Automatic generation and renaming of the playlist for iRec on iTunes
Auto-Notification for new recorded files
Records quality
Backup recorded files to PC
Auto-deletes recorded files
Changes filenames

iPod Charging
Charges your iPod while it's docked

Firmware Upgrade
Easy and simple to upgrade to the latest firmware version
(when connected to the Internet)

So for a mere $180 you can record 100 minutes in its highest res or 6 Hours in its lowest res. and you will have your own portable DVR (Digital Video Recorder).

Thanks Crunchgear!


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