Thursday, January 25, 2007

Chasing Ghost's Inside at Sundance

I am writing to you live from the Sundance Film Festival in the amazingly beautiful Park City, Utah. I've been here since January 16th. This is my third year as a full time volunteer. My first year was spent in the freezing cold as a transportation liaison. My job was to put people on to the correct shuttle and send them off to their movies on time. I've been working in Sundance and ASCAP's music venue, The Music Cafe at The Star Bar, for the past two year. My postings about the festival with be about both the movies I've seen and the musicians that have played.

(I've been taking tons of pictures, but have been having trouble up loading them, so I will definitely be writing a wrap-up blog after the festival ends and include all my snap shots for you. PROMISE!)

The first film I saw was a documentary called Chasing Ghosts. Go on, guess what this one was about... no, not about emotional hauntings from the past, or spirits rattling cupboards in someone's kitchen, this movie was about the rise of the video game culture in the 80's. The film focused on the epicenter of the video game boom, an arcade called TWIN GALAXY.

The thing I love about documentaries is that by drawing your attention to the uniqueness of individuals, they elevate the tiniest subjects into something grand. The film charts the rise and fall of about 12 of the best video gamers from that time. We are talking about the individuals that first held the records for Pac-Man, Donkey Kong, Frogger, Joust and all the others. It catches up with them now, 27 years later to show you what has become of them. Some of the stories are sad, but most are pretty entertaining.

With so many movies going on at the same time, filmmakers must get creative in the different ways they get attendees interested in their films. The producers of Chasing Ghosts set up an arcade with all of the 80's video games featured in the documentary. The best part of this was FREE PLAY! They also held a tournament to see who could get the highest score at Sundance. (Although I love Frogger, I didn't enter.)

I definitely suggest seeing Chasing Ghosts when it comes to a theater near you.

Timothy Hutton
Mandy Moore
Julia Sweeny
Danny Masterson


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Dill said...

I still think that The Wizard can kick any old-time gamers ass. And whatever happened to that guy, huh? How was the Mandy Moore sighting? I'm on the fence as to whether we are lost soulmates or if her, Amy Smart and Anne Hathaway all ought to be exiled to Detroit. Her Coverage album rocks though, I don't care what anyone says.