Tuesday, January 30, 2007

The Future is now: A couple of recent developments

Not being quite sure whether it's the world that is moving to fast or that we are moving to slow, I have decided to post a little weekly guide to some of the developments which are the beginning of noticeable changes in our daily lives.

First item is HD ads. No not on television. These ads made by discovery will be placed in various kiosks in New York City (which has a lack of ads to begin with). However in order to avoid the monitor from being stolen the ads will be cased in bullet proof cases, wired with anti theft alarms and equipped with GPS tracking systems.

Here are two words that most of you must be tired of hearing by now, 'Second Life'. Yes it seems like everybody is jumping on that bandwagon as well. Most recently Sweden is opening its own virtual embassy (the first country to do so). MTV is also creating avatars of its hit show Laguna Beach in order to try to recapture a more innovative fan base.

Our third item is regarding health, as mentioned in one of our previous articles EAS commissioned the special forces in order to test out super boosting vitamins in order to give a higher standard to the general public, so for all we know this could be the beginning of higher standards for self care.

Finally, another two words, 'Windows Vista' these words you will be hearing for some time to come considering the extent of the Vista marketing campaign. (as most of you know Bill Gates even went to promote it on John Stewart's The Daily Show) Just to give you an idea 100 million computers are predicted to operate on Vista within the next 12 months. How will this change my life? Several ways first the obvious reason, if you own a PC and change operating systems (which I do not). The second less obvious reason is the popularity of widgets. Vista is going to push hard on the widget front and therefore the way that you utilise your computer and the Internet is bound to change forever. Even Mac and Linux users will notice this as widgets are bound to proliferate even more then they have up to date.


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