Monday, December 04, 2006

hey hey hey!

With this cold and dreary weather setting upon us (hey, I'm from San Diego allright! I'm not down with this 50 degree nonsense), I made it my mission to comfort myself in what else, but a steaming hot bowl of soup, just like mama used to make. Well, not my mom because she doesn't cook, but you know what I mean. So where did I head to get my soup fix? Canters Deli right over on Fairfax.

To brush you up on a little bit of the history of the restaurant (thank you back of the menu) Canter's is a family run restaurant that opened its doors to the hungry public in 1948. They also stay open 24 hours (!) so you and your friends can dine at a classier place than Denny's when it's 3 in the morning and you're drunk and craving a pastrami sandwich. You may even catch a celebrity spotting over at Canter's. Old time movie stars like Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor used to frequent the restaurant, but more recently I spotted my one true love, Adam Brody, while I was moonwalking down the parking lot. Yes, seriously. And boy did he give me some awkward glances!

So now that you're familiar with the place, lets get to the food! My staple order at Canter's is the Mish Mosh soup, which is a huge bowl of matzo balls, rice, kreplach and noodles for only $6.95. I'm also a fan of the Matt Miller sandwich which includes turkey, coleslaw, muenster cheese and Russian dressing as well as a side of fries. Delicious! And take my word for it, you won't be able to get out of there without ordering a dessert once you walk past their bakery which has everything from strawberry cheesecake to hamentashen, and everything else you can imagine in between.

So when hunger strikes whether it be 4 in the afternoon or 4 in the morning, make a mission down to Canter's and get your eat on!


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