Thursday, December 07, 2006

And the Winner is....

Probably to everyones surprise the winner of the 10 items or Less review competition is Becca! I would like to extend my congratulations and also thank all of you who have participated. We will have more in the future! Here is the winning review;

In this reviewer’s opinion, 10 Items or Less is an absolute gem from TBS! I have been eagerly anticipating this show for weeks now, and I am very pleased to say that the end result definitely didn’t disappoint! The creative minds behind the highly acclaimed independent film MEMRON are responsible for this hilarious new improv comedy series. Leslie Pool (John Lehr) shines in his role as a rather unsuccessful New York businessman who, upon the death of his father, returns to Ohio to run the family grocery store Greens & Grains. His rather inept managerial skills wreak absolute havoc amongst the utterly clueless, bumbling store employees. He also has a very comical rivalry with Amy Anderson, the owner of the Super Value Mart across the street, who wants to level the little Greens & Grains grocery store, and turn it into a parking lot.

The cast’s improvisational skills are amazing, and they truly do work as a team. As I watched them interact with each other, it seemed so real that I almost forgot I was watching a television show. It kind of made me wish they’d all come here and take over my local store just so I could have some entertainment while I shop! They each bring their character to life so realistically, and that’s what I really think sets this show apart from any other show that I’ve seen. These actors take many creative risks with their characters, and the end result is nothing short of laugh-out-loud funny. I think the cast did a tremendous job playing off of one another in every scene.

With improv, this sometimes doesn’t work very well, but this show is definitely the exception! The two characters that really stood out for me personally were the very sweet, doofus stockboy Carl (Robert Clendenin), and the Spanglish-spewing Yolanda (Roberta Valderrama). Carl’s perpetually clueless expressions are what really endeared his character to me. Yolanda was equally as funny, especially when she berated Carl for um…telling their little secret to all of their co-workers during a little Greens & Grains gab session organized by Leslie. Those two were my favorite characters, and they really had some great scenes together. Just from the premiere, I can already tell that this show will be a definite winner for TBS, and I think very worthy of at least an Emmy nomination. This premiere episode provided me with many giggles, and at least one quite hysterical guffaw, and I for one can’t wait to see what happens in next week’s episode!

I highly recommend this show to anyone out there who likes a good comedy. However, I do have just one suggestion for you…Run, don’t walk, down to the Greens & Grains grocery store, and buy yourself some adult diapers from Leslie Pool, because this show is pee-your-pants funny!
Thanks Becca!

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Devin said...

i didn't see that coming...


: )

she did a great job though!

Devin said...

I thought it was funny that the character Carl got the wrong spelling of his kid's name tattooed on his chest. lol.

oxfordjennifer said...

if you like 10 ITEMS OR LESS you've GOT to check the hilarious outtakes on

here's my favorite: