Thursday, November 30, 2006

Carson Daily and It's Your Show

QUICK! TIME IS RUNNING OUT! Your last chance to win $1000 bucks is swiftly approaching!

NBC's It's Your Show is nearing it's final contests. You have only a few chances left to participate in their viral video contests and win big bucks. And, it doesn't just stop with a $1000 bucks per video challenge! After all the challenges have been completed you will have the change to win... to win... to win $100,000! OOOOOH YEAH!!!

Piqued? Interested? Intrigued? Well, please check out the It's Your Show website for further details and final challenges!

HURRY, SUPPLIES ARE LIMITED! Get on over there and blast them away with your creativity. I mean, come on, where else can your goofy vids earn you $1000?!

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Devin said...

Bob Saget scares me